Next Chapter

Next Chapter
It's Never Too Late to Transform Your Life
Published by Ivery Brown, LLC
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Discover how to kick the next phase of your life into high gear - no matter your age.

Inside this book Pegi encourages you to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs. You will be inspired to dream bigger, be unapologetically bolder, and follow your passions as far as they'll go. 

 Within this book you will discover:
     * Powerful ways to let go of past hurts and forgive
     * The benefits of developing a deeper connection to God
     * The secret to learning to love yourself
     * Why comparing yourself to others is a recipe for unhappiness
     * Successful strategies for setting and achieving your goals
     * And much more!

If you find yourself on the sidelines of your life  believing your best years are behind you, Next Chapter will prove there is always something more for anyone who dares to reach for it.


Paperback | 104 pages | 6 x 9 | 978-1-7345061-1-2